Meet Barb.

Hmmm.  What might you want to know?

Maybe that Barb is an international Author, Consultant, and Trainer whose professional career started in Human Resources, culminating in the role of International Staffing Manager position at a Fortune 50 corporation.  In managing this organization’s first field and headquarters layoff, Barb discovered that her experience could be applied in support of the struggling “employee survivors” of organizational change and guide organization and personal transition journeys.

Throughout her career Barb has coached hundreds of displaced and derailed workers through employment and career changes. She has helped business leaders deal with the change consequences that always follow significant organization disruptions. She has also directed large-scale organization change initiatives to proactively mitigate the negative impacts of those significant transitions.

Most recently, in a global high-tech organization,, Barb took her HR, change and consulting expertise and expanded it into a broad organization development initiative that included the creation of a competency framework development, leadership coaching, and the design/delivery of a global development program that empowered technical consultants to professionally address their clients’ needs in the changing workplace.

On the personal side... Barb has taught and counseled individuals and groups on life changes, ministry leadership and employment/career issues. Her experience on “both sides of the employment counter” – as one who has hired and taught those who would be hired as well as one who has been an employment candidate and self-employed consultant herself– has given her insight into the entire employment dynamic. This enables her to share a wealth of valuable information with job seekers and workers as they navigate all the changes and transitions of today’s workplace.

As a born-again Christian, Barb’s study of the Word of God, in the light of her professional experience, has revealed to her a profound understanding of God’s grace and provision for those who are unemployed (or unhappily employed, or under-employed, or self-employed and struggling!) Bottom line, God has a desire and magnificent plan for reclaiming work and the workplace through those who will put their trust in Him. To spread the Employed for Life message, Barb has been leading small groups, seminars, and individual job seekers and coaching ministry leaders for more than two decades. After all this time she remains passionate about sharing this “GOOD NEWS” message.

Oh and one last information nugget...Barb is one of those rare individuals who likes change!  Generally an early adopter and active learning she is now exploring the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. If you share that interest, you might want to ask her about  Talk about an exciting new adventure!

That is probably TMI, but hopefully serves as a starting point for getting to know who she is and what she's all about.