It is the BEST of times, it is the WORST of times… AND it definitely is the most exciting of times!

I cannot recall anytime in my life when there has been so much fascinating stuff going on. The United States is in such a mess it is hard to imagine how it could get wierder or crazier. And yet, I see such hopeful signs in the midst of the madness.

I have the honor and joy of leading two daily intercessory prayer calls- one at midnight and one at 7 am. We are always on the alert for evidence that our prayers are having an effect…and we are seeing hard evidence that they are! Of course, we are not alone in this endeavor an, that too, is exciting evidence that times are changing. Never in my life have I seen so many people praying together, publicly and across the globe. Amazing and wonderful to behold.

But the excitement isn’t limited to the political and religious arenas. Great and even miraculous things are happening in the worlds of technology and finance. If you have not yet dipped your toe into the world of cryptocurrency let me encourage you to do so. If you move now, you will garner a front row seat at one of the most exciting shifts the world has ever experienced. The birth of the internet was big but this tidal wave of change and disruption will surpass it!

I have discovered a great group of people who want to surf that tsunami of change in order to make the world a vastly better place. Check them out and I will see you there. BEES.Social and BEES.Social TV. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Here’s to the GREAT AWAKENING and the great shift of life as we know it into Life as we have dreamed it!